Serenity Villas

Serenity Villas Investment Opportunity

Our team has delivered over $3B in projects with over $300M in the Assisted Living and Memory Care Projects. Over 35,000,000 ft2 on time and on budget. We are grateful to bring you this exciting investment opportunity:

Fastest growing community

Huge Demand, Low Supply

Specialized Memory Care

Sustainable Design

Shovel Ready

This investment opportunity is located in what Forbes described as one the fastest growing small cities and what Tampa Bay Business Journal rated as the fastest growing master planned communities in the US. Our experienced team is grateful to bring our investors an opportunity to receive a strong projected return (18% IRR, 23% simple return interest and great cash flow after stabilization).

Did we mention the investment has great tax incentives? Growing your money faster and potentially reducing your taxes. We are partnering with Robert Kiyosaki's CPA, Tom Wheelwright at Wealthability, to maximize depreciation with cost segregation, bonus depreciation, etc... Hopefully I didn't loose any of you; what this translates to is a tax incentives to give you more return and pay less taxes.


Experienced Team

The Demand


Market Analysis

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State of the Art Facility

We believe in creating a better future for those that have pioneered our past and that mindset covers both the care of our community and the thoughtfulness put into the design of our facility. Our "Resort-style" villas in this tranquil setting and state of the art facility incorporates a design where varying levels of care can be delivered in separate, yet adjacent buildings thus, maximizing staffing without reducing the quality of service.

Residents are in small 20 unit villas with a calming home-like feel with other residents of the same level of care. This allows for personal care/activity programs for each resident and a happier and more peaceful lifestyle for all residents.

The modularity also reduces the design, development and construction periods lowering the risk of the development to less than half of competing developments in the region without reducing the quality of construction or design needed to appeal to a more sophisticated audience.

All buildings will be capable of LEED Certified green buildings equipped with individual air filtration systems and additionally, a NASA designed air and surface purification systems to combat pathogens

Respiratory issues are a major cause of disease and death among our elderly, with the current pandemic and any future virus breakouts out facilities will be some of the best positioned to thrive. The combination of our NASA design air filtration systems and individual villas style designs will be a great attraction for our future community members.

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The Investment Opportunity


Brent Ritchie
Founder and Managing Partner
Cash Out
$ 8,250,000
$ 100,000
4-5 years
$ 50,000
Limited Partnership