Innovation in Ready-to-Drink Alcohol

Original Jel Shots has created the only alcohol infused “jello” shot that is shelf stable (needs no refrigeration) up to 180 degrees. Our formula uses a plant based extract that holds the shot and alcohol together and uses no animal bi-products. This also makes our shot vegan & gluten free. Combining this with an individual, hermetically sealed package this shot easily slides out by squeezing the sides. Convenient with no preparation and no mess.

Original Jel Shot Co. soft launched in the marketplace of November, 2017. Prior to launching, we had quick product development time because one of our Co-Founders came from the Ready-To-Drink alcohol industry. This provided us with an edge as we avoided costly mistakes and launched sooner than expected.

On May 1st 2018 we opened with our first distributor and by the end of 2018 we had 7 distributors and sales of $600K. In May we signed a deal with the Kevin Harrington group. Kevin Harrington’s group loved the product and saw many additional uses for our shelf stable delivery system in the future. In September we added a VP of sales who is focused on national and international distribution, and leveraging these sales to open-up new markets and stronger distribution agreements.

The global alcoholic beverages market was valued at $1,439 billion in 2017. The Ready to Drink (RTD) category of alcohol beverages is one of the fastest growing segments of alcoholic beverages.  Our competitors include products such as Jevo, a Keurig machine type of jello shot; SLRRP, a competitive jel shot from China made with vodka and has an inferior taste and texture; Shottys, another competitive product which needs refrigeration and is not Vegan; Twisted Shotz, bartender-quality mixed drinks that have 2 flavors in 1; Buzz Balls which are ready to drink, mixed cocktails in a ball shaped container. Twisted Shotz & Buzz balls are both liquid drinks and do not “jel

Our sales and marketing strategy leverages digital and social media consistent with the target audiences’ lifestyle, and we believe in building a strong community from the ground up. This organic growth is capital efficient and creates a relatable, authentic brand. At the same time, we are also working with national media outlets for a multiplatform approach.

Currently Original Jel Shots are available in 1500 retail locations throughout FL, NY, NJ, CT, OK, KS, TX,  Bermuda & Canada; In 2019 we will be expanded distribution to 7 more states and 3 countries. Increase distribution to over 6000 retail locations and increasing sales to $3 Millon.

$ 3,000,000
$ 15,000
$ 5,000