Needle Free Injection Technology

PharmaJet overview video

PharmaJet Vision: A Needle-free World

We have developed a user-friendly, inexpensive device platform for fluid injection into the body without a needle.The device replaces traditional needle-syringe delivery, which inherently poses costly needle-stick, re-use and cross contamination issues. PharmaJet’s technology has been optimized for vaccine immunizations. It is unique in the field of jet injection with specific claims and regulatory clearances to effectively address the 2.5B annual immunization injection market.

PharmaJet’s “Needle-free” Solution*

  • Eliminates needle-stick injuries and reduces disease transmission 800,000 needle sticks reported in U.S./year; $3B cost
  • Total savings of 10-40%
  • 8 out of 10 patients and providers preference 24% of adults / 63% of children report a fear of needles
  • Improves immune response of multiple vaccines e.g., RNA/DNA based
  • Delivers superior immune response with fractional dose intradermal delivery (e.g., polio)
  • Safe, fast, and easy-to-use

Significant Achievements


  • Market clearances for all tissue depths (IM/SC/ID) across global regulatory bodies (e.g., FDA, CE, DCGI, ANVISA, etc.).
  • All devices World Health Organization Pre-Qualified (PQS)
  • Only Needle-Free Injection System certified
  • Sponsor of multiple pivotal FDA IND non-inferiority studies
  • Multiple clinical trials confirming safety and effectiveness
  • IP includes 4 separate patent families and 67 issued/pending patents
  • On-label indication for Influenza, MMR, Rubella, Measles, and MR vaccines

Key Partnerships

  • Exclusive international distributor partnership with Mundipharma covering 120 countries outside of U.S. and EU
  • Distributors U.S.: McKesson/Moore Medical, FFF, ABO
  • Included in American Pharmacists Association (APhA) education program reaching up to 14,000 new pharmacist graduates each year
  • WHO - Polio Eradication Initiative – up to $10m multi-year contract for intradermal platform (ID dose sparing--60% reduction)

Strategy & Positioning

  • Global Influenza and Pandemic Preparedness planning with US federal agencies and NGO’s
  • WHO Polio Eradication stock-piling contract extending to MOH commercial outreach with emerging market countries for deployment of PharmaJet ID device
  • Pre-fillable syringe in development – 50-70% savings in cold chain and logistics*
  • Novel Pharmaceuticals
  • 70 development agreements with Pharmaceutical companies and government entities
  • 60 studies complete or in process across vaccine and injectable medicine indications including: Zika, Dengue, Malaria, HPV, Nucleic Acid based vaccines, Therapeutic cancer vaccines, allergens, and others.
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