Villa Sognare Contramar

Ixtapa has become two types of tourist destination

One type coming from Michoacán State which normally stays at a three stars hotels “all inclusive” and the second ones and target of our project.

•The hotels that have been very succesful and continue to grow from 4 years ago up nowadays, are the small Boutique ones with less than 30 rooms. Some of these small Boutique names are:
•La Casa que Canta (26)
•Aura del Mar (29)
•Casa Solana (6) (adults only)
•Cinco Sentidos (5) (adults only)
•El Amuleto (6)
•Puerta Paraíso (7)
•Tentaciones (5)
•Villa Guadalupe (4)
•Villa Carolina (7)
•Las Palmas Luxury Villas (16) ,,,,, among others

•Hotels with the size of Cala del Mar (before Capella) or Villas del Sol Thompson (renamed with the original name after being Tides and Viceroy), are hotels addressed to the “High end“ tourism, nonetheless, their size (60 and 45 rooms respectively) could be bigger compared to the preferences and demand of the market we are looking for.

•Just before Covid-19, direct flights arrived to Ixtapa International Airport from Canada and USA throughout the whole year with airlines like American Airlines, Alaska Airlines y Delta, among others. The strongest period of direct flights was from the end of October up to April with additional airlines coming from cities like Chicago; Dallas; Minneapolis; Houston; Montreal; Vancouver; Winnipeg; Toronto; Phoenix; Los Ángeles; Calgary; Edmonton; Regina; Milwaukee, etc., caring on the famous “snow birds tourism”.
•The Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Convention and Visitors Office (RP) estimates that once the pandemic is controlled at the end of 2020 or the first trimester 2021, Ixtapa´s demand for living places will continue increasing, mainly of own bedroom apartments. This is the type of real estate that the “Snow birds” from Canada and the USA have been looking for since 4 years ago.
•The above mentioned information was confirmed with the Notary No. 1 of Zihuatanejo, who affirmed there has been a substantial increase on the last years of deeds operations in the region relating living places of one bedroom, mainly acquired from foreigners.
•In fact, to date the supply of NEW luxury one bedroom home ocean view is almost SOLD OUT in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Foreigners have bought everything that has been built in the last 4 years of a single bedroom. There’s some few offer but OUTSIDE Ixtapa, more or less 20 minutes driving by car in villages like Troncones o Barra de Potosi. Nice but far places that again, real estate developments offer 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, they are projects regarding family living homes, not one bedroom houses adults only.
•To describe some other projects developing right now in the area, the construction of the 3rd golf course of the region has already started, as well as Don Jorge M. Pérez (international known real estate developer and President of The Related Group and SLS Hotels) exclusive and ambitious project “Punta Garrobo, Zihuatanejo”
•The concept of fractional ownership is well known among Europeans, Canadians and Americans.
•Currently there in NO fractional ownership projects in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. Villa Sognare represents a great alternative for foreigners and nationals who look for this type of touristic offer since it’s the only offer of its kind in the area.
•Its known that foreignes value not having to take care of maintenance, services and payments of a vacation property to which they will only for a certain period of time throughout the year.

•Villa Sognare project is designed to meet the needs of this market type. The mix of international co-owners with national like for example, millenianns, that look for the adult-only exclusivity of a luxury property and services but at a very affordable price, is the project “formula”.

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$ 900,000
$ 360,000
$ 120,000
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